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Ocean City Maryland is a place known by many on the East coast of the United States with many attractions for tourists of all types to come and see. There are adventures from parasailing, boat tours searching for dolphins, Assateague island tours to see ponies, jet ski rentals, beautiful ocean views for sunrises, stunning bayside views for sunsets, and tons of fun in the sun in between! Something that Ocean City is a little less known for is its beautiful little lighthouse club hotel located on the bayside at 201 56th street. The hotel features some of the most beautiful views of the bayside one can hope to imagine, the inside reception area is like walking into a historic lighthouse with spiral stairs winding up to two flights of rooms with the top showcasing the old hanging stairs to access the light maintenance area. The location of the lighthouse couldn't help but make you feel like you were away from everything, nestled directly on the water where you can see and hear the water crashing against the old rock barrier that helps to maintain the land boundary from the bay, you practically feel like you are sitting on the water when on the outside lounge deck located on the main floor outside the lobby. Inside the lobby located next to the fireplace is a mind-blowing hiding doorway that leads to the gym and massage area which also has a beautiful view of the water and sunset in the evening. When we got to our room, we were stunned again... As we walked into the room, everything was fresh and white with an amazing fireplace located in front of the couch and balcony that overlooked the bayside into the sunset! Did I even mention yet that there was a jacuzzi tub located in the room as well? That's right, there was even a nice jacuzzi tube ready for soaking within this hiding gem of Ocean City, Maryland, and there are still more great things to be told about this location. When we walked out of the stunning lighthouse the night of our arrival, we couldn't help but be memorized by the blue lights that lined the waterside and led to a walking bridge available to the public. We continued on our exciting journey through what seemed like such a magical and vibrant area of the bayside over the well-lit walking bright to a restaurant/bar known as Fager's Island. The bar was hopping with live music and a large crowd of people ranging from many ages was having a great time, even I was about to join them! The restaurant was also pretty busy, but it was within a completely separate being from the bar making it a very nice and enjoyable dining experience, which we were grateful for because after all, this is my wife's and I anniversary! After a lovely dinner, and a few drinks, of course, we returned to our hotel. When we walked out of the restaurant and started on our way, we were once again struck by the breathtaking sight of our lighthouse hotel, which could be seen glowing in a blue hue in the distance! We continued back across the blue-lit bridge and back to the lighthouse thinking we are definitely going to need to stay here again! You should also consider checking out this location with the link here - https://www.fagers.com/hotels/lighthouse-club-hotel/ 


Each month brings a new challenge and inspiration to life! Let your mind be stimulated and motivated by the inspiring influences and insights that can only be provided through nature! Join me as each month's new endeavors open an opportunity for growth and development of our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

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My name is Thomas Conti, I am an Herbalist and Registered Nurse who is passionate about nature and its connection to healing. I have written books on wild edible plants, Alternative healing, and positive thinking, as well as kid's books based on nature and its great values. My goal is to reach those who desire to be more connected with nature and its healing properties.

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