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It's that time of the year... That's right, the time when the leaves change and the colors of nature truly peak before going dormant for the winter. One of the things that I look forward to this time of year is the sights and flavors of pumpkins! It is always a joy to see the orange pumpkins start to pop up in the stores and produce stands as the fall season starts to take over: However, Pumpkins are not just a fun and festive way to kick off the fall and Halloween seasons, but instead, pumpkins are also healthy and delicious food that can be powerful medicine when used appropriately. full of nutritious vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and more. Pumpkin puree and seeds are the perfect choices for those who want to ensure they eat a healthy treat. Pumpkin has been found to have antidiabetic, anticancer, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and more due to pumpkin's vast nutrient content.  “The most important part of pumpkin is its low-fat and protein-rich seeds”...” The second most important part is its fruit. The immature fruit is cooked as a vegetable, while the mature fruit is sweet and used to make confectionery and beverages, sometimes alcoholic”(Yadav). The seeds can be a great addition to the diet for anyone who wants a high-protein snack, but for males, pumpkin seeds can be especially beneficial. Pumpkin seeds have been found to help with enlarged prostate such as in the case of BPH. One study found that “pumpkin seed extract seems to be a very well tolerable, appropriate plant extract to support health benefits in a collective suffering from BPH related symptoms without the need of medical treatment” (Leibbrand). So don’t throw away those seeds after carving the pumpkins this Halloween, but instead, be sure to roast them seeds up with a pinch of salt and pepper if you like, or any type of seasoning varieties such as ranch powder, BBQ powder, or Old Bay if your from Maryland ;). Just be sure to enjoy the delicious health benefits of pumpkin puree/fruit and pumpkin seeds this fall before they are out of season! I sure will!




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Yadav, M., Jain, S., Tomar, R., Prasad, G., & Yadav, H. (2010). Medicinal and biological potential of pumpkin: An updated review. Nutrition Research Reviews, 23(2), 184-190. doi:10.1017/S0954422410000107

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