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That old town feeling… Nothing like it when you can get into the historical vibes of an old town you visit, especially when it is located on a mountainside between two beautiful and powerful rivers with so much history of their own. The best destinations are the ones that take you back in time and allow you to lose yourself in the natural beauty and the man-made architecture that is so closely intertwined together. Cliffside dining and bars with spectacular views of mountainsides, shops lining the walkways with treats and neat souvenirs, and the train sounding in the distance as it arrives in town over the bridge, are all just a few of the amazing discernible features of a nice historic town of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Nestled just miles from Virginia and Maryland because of the Shenandoah River and the Potomac River located around the town. It is right at the tip of what is called the “Tri-State” made up of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Harpers Ferry, located in West Virginia, can be seen from both Maryland and Virginia from across the rivers. A must-visit is the Harpers Ferry Brewing Co. located on adventure lane Virginia, where you can enjoy food, music, drinks, and amazing views of Harpers Ferry and the riverside! For the more adventurous group, there are miles and miles of trails to be explored in the Tri-State area including the Appalachian trail and an overlook that is known as Maryland Heights, which as the name tells is on the Maryland side and worth the hike for the view of Harpers Ferry from over the Train bridge that is also a pedestrian walkway to the trailhead. 

From on top of the mountainside, there are many various angles of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers that can be enjoyed and appreciated. Perhaps the best time of year is during the fall/autumn season when the leaves are changing color and there is such a vast array of natural hues displayed by the forest and plants. This site will surely be enjoyed by any nature lover and adventure seeker. Some people even rock climb to the top of the mountain, while others choose to take the old-fashioned route of walking the trails. There are also other adventures to be had on the river and ziplines if one chooses at the many locations including River Riders family resort. There are many options when it comes to lodging. You could stay in one of the old haunted Inns located within the old town and enjoy a late-night ghost tour around the town, or there are a few campsites located around that have connecting trails and many activities to keep you and your family busy and have a blast. Harper’s Ferry/ Civil War Battleground KOA, Harpers Ferry Campground, and Huckleberry Hill Campground are some right in the area. If you enjoy great views, beautiful cliffside historic towns on the river, and an amazing time, then be sure to visit this one-of-a-kind town known as Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, but be prepared to want to go back again and again to get your fix!

Each month brings a new challenge and inspiration to life! Let your mind be stimulated and motivated by the inspiring influences and insights that can only be provided through nature! Join me as each month's new endeavors open an opportunity for growth and development of our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

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My name is Thomas Conti, I am an Herbalist and Registered Nurse who is passionate about nature and its connection to healing. I have written books on wild edible plants, Alternative healing, and positive thinking, as well as kid's books based on nature and its great values. My goal is to reach those who desire to be more connected with nature and its healing properties.

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